No Such Thing As A Sick Mommy

This week, Arissa caught the bug (whether from daycare or just the weather). Right after that, my husband and I had flu and sore throat. Even my sister-in-law caught the bug from Arissa after she visited us over the weekend. It sucks to be sick!

Your baby can be unwell but you cannot. It doesn’t matter even if you are, nothing changes. No such thing as a rest day for the mommy. You just suck it in, wipe your sweat away and continue what you do as usual – happy mommy. Good thing there is such a thing called Medical Leave at work. Take a break from work, but not from your baby. 

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Our First Scare, Arissa Admitted To Sunway Medical Hospital

At the end of September, we had our first scare – we had to admit Arissa into Sunway Medical Hospital! It was just like any other day at home but in the evening, Arissa’s forehead started to feel warm.

We started to feel a little worried and put “KoolFever” patch on her forehead. The next day, we took her temperature and it was 39 degree Celsius! We brought her to the clinic immediately at USJ Taipan: Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Dr Liew. Continue reading “Our First Scare, Arissa Admitted To Sunway Medical Hospital”