Top Tips for First 30 Days After Giving Birth

Baby A is 10+ months old now. I have a few friends who recently gave birth. When I visited them, it reminded me of Baby A when she was born. Although I didn’t have a tough first 30 days (because I had a great confinement lady), I am very sure it isn’t easy for any first time parents. So, here are my top tips after giving birth to help make your first month easier! (hopefully)

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My Breastfeeding Journey Started in Pantai Hospital KL

Breastfeeding can be easy to some and not so easy for others

For me, I am one of the lucky ones because Arissa was incredible from the very beginning. After the procedure, I was still in the recovery room for almost 1.5hours (mind you that it is no fun at all – I was freezing and trembling and couldn’t feel my legs) and once I was back in the ward, the nurse brought Arissa to me for the first time for skin-to-skin contact. The nurse told me 10 minutes for skin-to-skin contact and later she will come in again to position Arissa for breastfeeding.

The moment I placed Arissa on my shoulder, she immediately found her way to my breast and the next thing I know, she already started sucking my nipple and looking for milk!!

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