Top Tips for First 30 Days After Giving Birth

Baby A is 10+ months old now. I have a few friends who recently gave birth. When I visited them, it reminded me of Baby A when she was born. Although I didn’t have a tough first 30 days (because I had a great confinement lady), I am very sure it isn’t easy for any first time parents. So, here are my top tips after giving birth to help make your first month easier! (hopefully)

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Neonatal Jaundice: My Experience With Baby Arissa

What is Neonatal Jaundice? 

Neonatal Jaundice (NNJ) or neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia is one of the most common medical conditions in newborn babies.

Just like the definition itself, this is the most common medical conditions in newborn babies, hence Arissa was also one of those who had jaundice. When we were at Pantai Hospital KL, her levels were not that high and doctor told us that there was no need to perform phototherapy and we were discharged on the 3rd day.

My husband then registered Arissa’s birth with Klinik Kesihatan Puchong Batu 14 and the nurses came to our house to check on Arissa and I on our 3rd day back at home. They did a visual assessment (“check Kuning”) on Arissa and told us that we need to go back to Klinik Kesihatan to check her bilirubin level. Continue reading “Neonatal Jaundice: My Experience With Baby Arissa”


Kpop Mom’s Confinement Lady, Also Known As Aunty Lee

This post is mostly about my confinement lady but also some tips for those who are going through their confinement period or will be delivering your baby soon.

I am so blessed that Arissa was born as my daughter. She has been very good to daddy and mommy and my first month or confinement period has been nothing but great and blessed with lots of love and support from everyone!

A whole lot (in the first month) is thanks to my confinement lady, Aunty Lee and I have listed all the pros that I can think of as below: Continue reading “Kpop Mom’s Confinement Lady, Also Known As Aunty Lee”


Confinement Month – 28 days To Be Exact

Confinement period. Is it 1 month, 90 days, 30 days or 28 days?

Different people tells me different things about confinement and usually it is supposed to be one month and for some approximately 90 days. However, after I had engaged my confinement lady, I realized that they will only work for exactly 28 days which I was like…. “WHAAAT???”

Mind you they are definitely not cheap and so-called one month becomes 28 days. So I asked “WHY?” and the answer I got was that they will use the shortest month in the calendar – which will be their so-called one month! Continue reading “Confinement Month – 28 days To Be Exact”