Our First Scare, Arissa Admitted To Sunway Medical Hospital

At the end of September, we had our first scare – we had to admit Arissa into Sunway Medical Hospital! It was just like any other day at home but in the evening, Arissa’s forehead started to feel warm.

We started to feel a little worried and put “KoolFever” patch on her forehead. The next day, we took her temperature and it was 39 degree Celsius! We brought her to the clinic immediately at USJ Taipan: Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Dr Liew.

My next scare was that we had to wait almost 3 hours to see the doctor! We were there from 9.30am and we only saw the doctor close to noon time. When it was finally our turn, doctor took her temperature and said that she is having high fever and it is unusual for a 2 month old baby to have such high temperature.

He then did a blood test and said that her white blood cells count is abnormal and we should send her to the hospital. (you should see the worried look on our face at that time)

Dr Liew then wrote a letter to refer us to Dr Khoo Boo Aik at Sunway Medical Hospital. It was another nightmare when we left the clinic at around 1.30pm. Someone had double-parked their car behind ours and we were unable to leave! My husband honked like a million times and I went up and down the row of shops asking whose car it is.

After 30 minutes, I went up to 3rd floor of one of the shops and found the owner. It was a student who was teaching music lessons 2 doors away from Dr Liew’s clinic.

I was seriously angry and emotional. I yelled at him for being inconsiderate and all he did was apologize and kept saying sorry. Seriously, if you had to double-park, please be considerate to put your contact details so that others can call you to remove your car. *I am seriously about to swear some not-so-nice-words*

So, we finally made it to Sunway Medical Hospital at 2.15pm and checked-in to the Emergency Ward. They did 3 things when we arrive:

  • Check her temperature
  • Put an IV line on her (all wrapped up so she won’t feel uncomfortable)
  • Take her blood to run some tests

When they were putting the IV line on her, I almost cried but my baby was such a brave girl – she didn’t cry at all! So, mommy should not cry too! Before we were transferred to a room, we were waiting for around 1.5 hours in the emergency ward. At that time, Arissa’s temperature has gone down and she no longer had fever.

We asked if we can leave the hospital since she is no longer having fever. The Doctor at the emergency ward said that we can leave but we would need to sign a form indicating that we take full risk and responsibility if anything were to happen upon discharge. Dr Khoo said that they should still run the blood tests to find out the cause of her high fever and also some tests on her stools and urine to see if there are any infection.

Being first time parent, we didn’t dare to take the risk and so we admitted Arissa into a 4 bedded ward. We were there 3 days 2 nights. Arissa’s temperature were normal since we admitted to the hospital on day one. So, after staying for one night, we asked Dr Khoo again if we can be discharged and he said No as it is better for us to wait till the blood, stool and urine test results came back. We did as we were told and we ended up paying for the hospital bills through our nose! It was around RM3,000 for the 2 nights we stayed in a 4-bedded ward in Sunway Medical Hospital.

Sleeping after the doctor and nurses put the IV line on her at Sunway Medical Hospital
Sleeping after the doctor and nurses put the IV line on her at Sunway Medical Hospital


Moral of the story or lessons learnt from this experience:

  1. Get your insurance policy as soon as possible. You can purchase insurance policy (medical) for your baby as young as 14 days old. Don’t hesitate and don’t wait.
  2. If your baby has fever, it is okay to wait 1 to 2 days before going to the clinic or hospital. You can actually use the “KoolFever” patch first and observe their temperature. If it goes down, there is no need to go to the hospital. However, if it is fever with other symptoms such as diarrhea, spots on hands or legs, then please just go immediately to the hospital. (you can skip the clinic and go straight to hospital)
  3. While we were there at the hospital, there were 3 other families who had similar experience. Their baby was better already but they were refused or not allowed to discharge from the hospital. What does that tell you??



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