Giving Birth at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

So 19th July 2016, we both checked in to Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur as consulted by our gynae, Dr Kamaljit from Bangsar Women’s Specialist. Her advice were very clear, “check-in early so that you will be able to get the single room as they are limited and first-come-first-served basis!”

We did as we were told and arrived around 10am, went to the check-in counter and true enough they didn’t have anymore single rooms and we were put on waiting list. (Thank god for Dr Kamaljit who had informed the nurses the day before to put us on the waiting list, so we were the top 3 on the list!) While waiting for the single room, we took some photos:

Room number C313 – posing away with my bump at week 37 and feeling energetic still!
This is a four-bedded-room
Ms Kpop posing away – all strapped after checking in to the hospital

Instead of sitting around and waiting for the room, we decided to head out for lunch (my last meal.. boo hoo) and came back around 3pm. They finally told us that they have gotten us the single deluxe room! (we wanted a single room so that Mr Kpop can also stay with me in the room after Pumpkin is born)

To be honest, I am amazed with the room – it was pretty decent and comes with a nice view!

Pantai Hospital: Single Deluxe room comes with an extra day bed for MrKpop
I must say I was very impressed with the bed – there is a controller that you can adjust the head rest and the leg rest up and down as you like – until you feel comfortable
You can watch TV and there is an extra chair – for visitors or for breastfeeding or to put your luggage bags
Can’t complain when you get this kinda view from your hospital room
Room C328: We both took our shower and changed into comfy clothing

The nurses were fantastic and prep me on what will happen next and what I should do before the C-section tomorrow. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask them which fortunately so many friends of mine had also shared and warned me on C-sect procedures so I was less scared and only asked 1 which I thought was a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: “Are you going to shave my XXX before the procedure?” 

Maybe this is a super generic question which the nurses get all the time as they just smiled and said they will do it and asked when would I prefer to do it, right before surgery or at 5am in the morning?

I decided to do it at 5am – rather than waiting till the very last minute.

So wish me luck and I cannot wait to see my pumpkin tomorrow!

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