Kpop Mom’s Confinement Lady, Also Known As Aunty Lee

This post is mostly about my confinement lady but also some tips for those who are going through their confinement period or will be delivering your baby soon.

I am so blessed that Arissa was born as my daughter. She has been very good to daddy and mommy and my first month or confinement period has been nothing but great and blessed with lots of love and support from everyone!

A whole lot (in the first month) is thanks to my confinement lady, Aunty Lee and I have listed all the pros that I can think of as below:

  1. Experienced and very hands-on with baby – we truly learned a lot about handling babies from her
  2. She can cook! Her food is delicious but too bad I was not able to try that many types of confinement food (gingery food) because of Arissa’s jaundice. Nevertheless, she still managed to prepare delicious meals for husband and I. I ate about 4 to 5 meals a day in the first 3 weeks!
  3. Helps out with the housework (not entirely but a bit here and there) and washes baby’s clothes everyday
  4. Something that we learnt: Aunty Lee doesn’t use wet wipes to clean baby’s bottom – she taught us how to use cotton and water so that Arissa won’t develop nappy rash easily
  5. She listens to what mommy wants. She may have her idea on what an ideal confinement should be but she respects mommy’s decision. Sometimes, we cannot follow to the tee what one should do during confinement period. We do need a break and we like to have our own freedom. The weather is already so hot, you cannot expect me to wear long sleeve shirt, long pants and socks in the house and no washing hair for 12 days! On top of that, we have our parents and also in-laws telling Aunty Lee what to do and what not-to do, but thankfully at the end of the day, she just ask me “what do I want” and she will follow my instructions. (I am really glad she is like that)
  6. Aunty Lee is not demanding nor greedy, instead she is very flexible and easy-going. I have heard horror stories where the confinement lady cooks good meals for themselves and pathetic food for the mommy or steal good ingredients and secretly cook for themselves! Thankfully Aunty Lee isn’t like that at all, she doesn’t eat much and she always make sure mommy eats the meal right after she cooks (while its hot)
  7. She supports breastfeeding and never once has she tried to discouraged me from breastfeeding Arissa. She has also never mentioned anything about me having insufficient milk for Arissa when she was demanding for milk almost every 2 hours. In fact, sometimes when Arissa cries for milk (before 2 hours), she will soothe her first until she is certain that Arissa wants milk, then she will wake me up to feed Arissa.

The only downside is that she doesn’t speak English and her Malay isn’t very good too. Otherwise, it’s a 5 star for Aunty Lee.

If you are desperate and couldn’t find a confinement lady, fear not as there are many confinement centers these days and you can comfortably check yourself in to one of them. Of course it is more expensive and you will be away from the comfort of your own home but I have heard one of my friends saying that it feels like a 5-star hotel! Some of the confinement centers listed as below:

  1. Bonda Villa
  2. Gina’s Place
  3. First month confinement center

Alternatively, if you have someone to care for you and baby at home but just need confinement food, you can just order catering package to get your hearty and healthy confinement food. Below are list of confinement centers that also does catering of confinement food to your door step.

  1. Hampden Wellness
  2. Moms2Be
  3. Care Nanny Malaysia

During confinement period, you know how you are NOT allowed to wash your hair for 12 freaking days!!! Like for REAL – no washing your hair for12 days?? Yes, I managed to NOT wash my hair for 12 days and it is all thanks to this superbly incredible dry shampoo!! You have to use this during your confinement month, I totally swear by it.

The Green Pocket – Organic dry powder shampoo. This is the dry shampoo that you should get before you deliver. I started using them on the day I was doing my C-section and I lasted through the 12 days of no washing hair
The Green Pocket – Organic dry powder shampoo – the ingredients


Aunty Lee’s meal. Sometimes for 1 item she will prepare 2 types of dishes – one that’s suitable for confinement and one for normal (my husband)
Another photo of what she cooked. LOL as she tried to decorate the pork chop!
This is Aunty Lee with Arissa
Arissa's bathing time with Aunty Lee
Arissa is enjoying her bath time with Aunty Lee. As part of the Eu Yan Sang package, they provide herbal bath for baby and mommy. That is why the water is yellow-ish in color.

41 thoughts on “Kpop Mom’s Confinement Lady, Also Known As Aunty Lee

  1. Rae says:

    Hey there. Just wonder if you could share aunty Lee’s contact as I’m actively looking for one to help me in August. Many thanks!

  2. Rae says:

    Hey there. Just wonder if you could share aunty Lee’s contact as I’m actively looking for one to help me in August. Many thanks!
    Ps ignore the first message. Email address typo! Sorry!

    • kpopmom says:

      Hi Rae, my friend got Aunty Lee as her confinement lady and I went to visit them. She told me you contacted her but she is already booked in August! Hope you find another confinement lady soon! Take care

    • kpopmom says:

      Hi Chan, I have emailed you on Aunty Lee’s contacts. Please check your email. HOpefully she is available at the date that you want.

    • kpopmom says:

      Hi Toh, i will email you aunty lee’s contact. hopefully she will be available as she has been fully booked in the last few months if i am not mistaken!

    • kpopmom says:

      Hi Stephanie, I have sent you an email with Aunty Lee’s contact details. Hopefully she is available at your due date! I know she is already booked until Nov/Dec this year..Also, thanks for reading my post.

    • kpopmom says:

      HI Cher,thanks for reading my blog. Yes, Aunty Lee does take care of baby at night. My daughter sleeps with her at night and I will go over to her room during feeding times. hope this helps. I will try to send her contact to you via email. Thanks.

  3. Yu Ping says:

    Hi 🙂 can I have aunty lee’s contact please? Does you look after baby and stay over at night? What language can she speak? Thank you!

    • kpopmom says:

      Hi Yu Ping, yes aunty lee is the kind of confinement lady that takes stays with you for 28 days. I think every mommy has different criteria and aunty lee tries to follow what the mommy prefers. So some prefers to breastfeed and take care of babies themselves at night, some prefers that the confinement lady does it. So, it really depends on our requirements. Aunty Lee is quite flexible. For me, the baby sleeps with her and when it is feeding time, she will wake me up and i will go over to her room to breastfeed my daughter. Aunty Lee speaks chinese/hokkien only. Hope this helps. As for her contact I will try to email them to you. Thank you.

  4. Yvonne says:

    I’m actually not looking for a confinement lady (I’m way past that stage), but looking for a Chinese Aunty who can cook very well, preferably a live-out. I do not mind paying close to confinement rates if Aunty Lee is as good as you have said. If things work out, would love it to be a long term engagement.

    • kpopmom says:

      Hi yvonne, i believe that aunty lee is not looking for full time (live-out) because she is not based in KL. she travels from Pahang.. so may not be feasible for her.

    • kpopmom says:

      Hi Veralyne, I have emailed you Aunty Lee’s contacts. Hope you will be able to book her. She is fully booked the last I heard. All the best with your delivery.

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