Our Hanil UV Sterilizer – New Toy for the Family

I was recently introduced to Hanil UV Sterilizer by an ex-colleague. Then I saw Belinda Chee and Yasmin Hani’s posts on instagram featuring Hanil UV Sterilizer too. I wondered what it is all about and found out that this is a newly introduced product in Malaysia. They brought Hanil UV Sterilizer from Korea to Malaysia in December 2016! Yeay, you know how I love everything Korean. So, I couldn’t wait to get myself one!

Finally got in touch with Hanil in Malaysia and got 1 unit for the house. Most people told me “After baby turn 6 months old, no need to sterilize already” but I am getting it not just to sterilize the bottles. It is more than a bottle sterilizer, I am actually getting it for the family. We got a  bottle steam sterilizer from our friends as baby shower gift which was really useful. So why am I still getting a UV Sterilizer? I’ll tell you why …

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Bottle Feeding Issues, Thank God For Pigeon Bottles!

I had problems bottle feeding baby Arissa from the 3rd month onwards!

I started feeding her from bottle again as I was preparing to go back to work and she will need to drink from bottle when we put her at the daycare.

For the life of me, it was the hardest thing ever! She was screaming her lungs out and dreading her feed when we use bottle to feed her. Continue reading “Bottle Feeding Issues, Thank God For Pigeon Bottles!”