Finding That Right Swimming Aids For Your Child

Remember my previous post on my little water baby? It is true that my baby loves water. I have no doubt about it. When she is crying her lungs out at night, bring her to the toilet, let the tap water runs, and she immediately stops! I am not kidding you.

As she loves water so much, I am convinced she is going to enjoy swimming! Even if it’s not true, I believe that it is important to introduce swimming to baby when they are young. Not only does it teach vital life skills, but it also enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills too.

So there goes my mission to hunt for the perfect swimming aids for my baby.

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Arissa, My Little Water Baby (Mermaid Baby)

This is a Korean drama inspired post – The Legend of the Blue Sea. 

Arissa was born to love water. Although she is born in the year of fire monkey, I think she is actually a water monkey. Her first bath when she was born was at the hospital and I didn’t get to see her reaction.  When Aunty Lee, our confinement lady bathe her, she was so calm and composed! Aunty Lee told us that Arissa is one baby that loves bathing and water.

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