About Kpop Mom

I am a big fan of Big Bang, I have watched each and every episode of Running Man, I read, eat and breathe Korean (yes, I can read korean geul-cha too), I have watched almost all the korean dramas that have been released after Autumn In My Heart/ Winter Sonata – so yes I consider myself a Kpop fan.

However, that is all in the past now. After I had Arissa, life as a Kpop fan now becomes life as a Kpop mom which is all good. What they say is true, your whole life changes once you have a baby. For me, it is a good change, a positive change and I start to understand and relate better to what some other moms were telling me in the past.

Hence, this blog is all about being a mom – a first time working mom to be more precise.  Whether you were some high-flying employee, rich and successful business person, jobless and broke person (beggar) or just someone with a 9-5 job, it is all the same when you become a mother – you can relate to it. And I meant Moms that are taking care of their babies on their own. Like it or not, there is a difference between taking care of your baby on your own 24/7 and  having someone (mom, helper, in-laws, nanny) helping you out.

How do you breastfeed a newborn? Why isn’t my 3 month-old baby drinking milk from the bottle? What is safe and what is not? What is this thing called jaundice and when will it go away? Why is my baby’s skin like this and do I bring my baby to the doctors?

At any one point when you become a mom, you will ask one of the questions above. So, Kpopmom is here to share and help. I need to put a disclaimer that this blog is all about my personal experience and if it helps you, that is great, but if not, there are always alternatives so fret not!

Hope you enjoy the blog and shopping as much as I am enjoying my experience as Arissa’s mommy and exploring new items for her as Kpopmom!

Visit to Seoul with hubs, can’t wait for the next time we will travel to South Korea with Arissa
Loving my cap – Song Ji Hyo (RunningMan) inspired
This is me and Arissa’s daddy. We are all Big Bang fan..
Red hair right before I found out I was pregnant!
Big Bang Concert in Singapore (2012).
Big Bang concert in Singapore (2014).
This is my journey as KPOPMOM
This is my journey as KPOPMOM