Top Tips for First 30 Days After Giving Birth

Baby A is 10+ months old now. I have a few friends who recently gave birth. When I visited them, it reminded me of Baby A when she was born. Although I didn’t have a tough first 30 days (because I had a great confinement lady), I am very sure it isn’t easy for any first time parents. So, here are my top tips after giving birth to help make your first month easier! (hopefully)

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KPOPMOM Tries Aveeno Baby Products

These products were provided by Aveeno and iHerb free of charge for my honest review.

Baby soft skin or baby smooth skin? Get your facts right.

I would agree when people say babies have soft skin but baby smooth skin? Maybe not. Based on my own experience, I don’t think that all babies have smooth skin, especially not my baby. I am a mom who has been googling and reading up on baby rash, baby eczema, atopic dermatitis, baby irritation and baby allergies since my baby was born.

I’ve had several panic attacks when Baby A’s face starts flaring up and she starts scratching herself. I feel so bad for her and helpless as there is nothing much I could do. There was also a pang of guilt as doctors told me her eczema was probably inherited from me (as I have sinus/ allergy)

Baby A is 10 months old now and her skin condition is getting better. Her face still flares up once in a while but her skin is in a better condition now. Her buttocks used to be smoother than her face too, now they are pretty equal! And the doctors did mention that it gets better as she grows older so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

At the same time, I am still very careful with the products that I use on her, especially moisturizer and shower gel. So, here’s my story using Aveeno’s Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment and Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream.

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Most Delicious Curry Chicken in Pumpkin Bread in Bidor, Perak

This was totally an accidental discovery from our recent road trip to Penang. I have always wanted to go to the much talked-about Pun Chun Duck Noodle shop in Bidor. Unfortunately, we are always heading back on a Sunday and they are close on Sundays. As we are traveling back from Penang on a Monday, we decided to stop by and try them out. I must say, the Duck Noodle was really as delicious as they claimed it to be. There are lots of blogs talking about it so there is no need for me to write much about it.

However, what I really want to share is the Curry Chicken in Pumpkin Bread which was just 2 doors away! While we were walking back to our car (after the duck noodle), we walked pass this shop called Ta Chong Biscuits & Confectionery.  As usual, mom likes to stop by and see what the shops are selling. There was this uncle that went “Come and try my curry chicken bread, you won’t regret it. I use only chicken drumstick and chicken thigh. The bread is pumpkin bread. You sure come back for more!”

Since it would almost be dinner time when we reach home, we decided to buy them for dinner. It was RM33 each. We bought 2 curry chicken in pumpkin bread from the uncle. To my surprise, this is the best and most delicious curry chicken in pumpkin bread I have ever tasted!

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Road Trip to Penang

Finally, a much needed break! We did a road trip up north to Penang. It was a fun road trip with the whole family: Baby A, husband and my parents. The last time, we flew back to Alor Setar for Chinese New Year. This time, Baby A is 10-months old and we decided to drive. A little tight with 2 adults at the back and 1 car seat, but it was manageable. I could still breastfeed Baby A so not too bad at all!

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The First Thing I Learnt After Becoming a Mom

9.5 months into becoming a mom, I have learnt so many things. You thought that everything will be all good and rosy after you have given birth. You thought that it was all over after 9 months. Well, sorry to say this but you are so wrong. Now I know why those who became a parent always say, they wish to turn back time!

I am sure everyone has their own experience and story. For me, the FIRST thing I learnt after becoming a mom is that:

Whoever invented the phrase “sleep like a baby” is definitely not a mother.. It should have been, “sleep like your husband”

Note: applies to those who became a parent or mom and took care of their baby on their own with no helper at all

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