Baking Made Easy by ABC Cooking Studio

Baking or cooking, is definitely not in my top list of things to do. However, I was introduced to ABC Cooking Studio by my ex-colleague and I gave it a shot. I was really amazed that I managed to bake bread, like from scratch! So I am convinced now that if I can do it, so can everyone. It really is as easy as A, B , C!

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Playhouse For The Family – HULKI

Playhouse was something I wished I had when I was young. I remembered climbing the sofa with my brother in our house imagining it was a castle! We would hide in the cupboards with our torch lights pretending that was our own house. It was also a hideout for us, to stay away from adult-world. A playhouse would have been nice.

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Obsessed With Your Own Child – Personalized Calendar

Introducing Arissa’s very own calendar

Are you one of those parents who are obsessed with your own child? I am definitely one of them. Guilty as charged. Other than taking thousands of photos since she was born, I also did my very own, Arissa Calendar 2017! This is what happens when you are so in love and obsessed with your own child.

Arissa Calendar 2017

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The Importance of Bonding with your Baby in “The First Few Years”

The “first few years” of your baby’s life is very important. To me, it is very crucial and will be the KEY to determine your relationship with your baby. I am speaking from experience and this post is a tribute to my late-grandmother, Madam Chia.

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Moluk Oogi is My Savior During Meal Times with Arissa

Moluk Oogi is my saviour during meal times with my baby girl. I really mean it. Once Arissa reached 6 months old, she was strong enough to sit up. So, during meal times (especially when we eat out – which is OFTEN), she will be seated on the baby chair.

She could sit still for up to about 6-7 minutes before she starts making noise. I have tried several methods to keep her company but I thank goodness for this person called Alex Hochstrasser. He has created Moluk toys and Moluk Oogi is our savior!

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