Baby’s First Food – Puree or BLW

We started on our baby’s first food when Arissa turned 6 months old. Her first solid food was a puree. The first thing I did was google and download some baby recipe application on my mobile.  Then I asked some mommy friends to get some ideas. Finally, I bought 2 avocados and blend them into puree for my baby girl. Her verdict: SHE LOVES IT!

So, some say baby first foods should be puree but some say BLW is the way to go. What is BLW? It stands for Baby-Led Weaning which is a method of adding complementary foods to a baby’s diet of breastmilk or formula. It is a method of food progression and BLW facilitates the development of age appropriate oral motor control while maintaining eating as a positive, interactive experience. Basically the same type of food but without blending it.

So the big question mark is which did I follow? Puree or BLW?

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Baby’s Very Own Booster Seat At 6 Months Old

Arissa’s back was quite strong at 5 months old. We started training her to sit on her own. She wasn’t very stable but was able to do so with little support.

So, I decided to open up one of the many presents we received during baby shower.  It was a Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat! I know right, the name cannot be any longer than this.

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Arissa, My Little Water Baby (Mermaid Baby)

This is a Korean drama inspired post – The Legend of the Blue Sea. 

Arissa was born to love water. Although she is born in the year of fire monkey, I think she is actually a water monkey. Her first bath when she was born was at the hospital and I didn’t get to see her reaction.  When Aunty Lee, our confinement lady bathe her, she was so calm and composed! Aunty Lee told us that Arissa is one baby that loves bathing and water.

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25 hours a day, 7 days a week as a Mommy

I am not joking and it is not a typo. For the past 6 months, I feel that I have become a superwoman. As a mom, we forget the amount of things that we do in a day could add up to 25 hours!

One may beg to differ or disagree but I feel that being a mom, there is no day and night. There is no rest and there is always something to do. Even though you may have planned to just relax for the day, something still needs to be done – by you.

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First Time Taking Flight With A Baby

It is always not advisable to travel by road during festive season. The traffic can be so bad that you can be stuck for 8 hours traveling from KL to Alor Setar!

Hence, this lunar new year, we decided to travel by air with our 6-month old baby. We chose Malindo Air as it was the most cost-effective decision in terms of the airfare and airport location.  It would be her first time ever on a flight and we were nervous as hell on how she would be on the plane! Continue reading “First Time Taking Flight With A Baby”